Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mark Kellogg - Eastman School of Music

Downers Grove North Brass students attended an area recital of Mark Kellogg, Professor of Trombone and Euphonium at the Eastman School of Music. Thanks to North Central College for allowing us to spend a few minutes with Professor Kellogg following his excellent concert. Thanks are also extended to Low Brass teacher Catie Hickey for facilitating this opportunity for our students.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Please Vote!

Our DGN Color Guard / Winter Guard could really use our collective help!

We are in a tight-race in an online voting contest.  The top three schools will receive free or significantly discounted equipment (a performance tarp) for the upcoming competitive season.  Realistically, it may be hard to surpass the current 1st and 2nd place schools.  But we can leapfrog into 3rd place with your help!

If you use Facebook, please use a computer (voting does not work from most mobile device browsers), and go to the following link to vote:

You will only be allowed to vote once.

Scroll down until you see our school (probably listed 3rd or 4th), and support our team!

Voting ends on September 30th.

See a video from our Guard about WHY your support would be incredibly helpful ...

We really appreciate your support, and please ask your friends to support us to with their vote!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Animal" at the 2014 DGN Junior High / Middle School Band Night

450 musicians from DGN, Herrick Middle School, Jefferson Junior High School, and Westview Hills Middle School combined to perform "Animal" at the 2014 DGN Junior High / Middle School Band Night.

DGN Band Welcomes 250 Guest Musicians

The DGN Trojan Marching Band played host to 250 Junior High and Middle School instrumentalists from Herrick, Jefferson and Westview Hills as a part of the annual "Junior High Night" at a North High football game.  

Congratulations to all of the talented and dedicated students who performed last night, and a special thank you to our DGN students for being gracious and welcoming hosts.  


























Friday, September 19, 2014

Game Day Schedule (September 19, 2014)

5 PM – DGN Band students arrive in ball cap, band t-shirt, marching band shoes, black socks, and shorts (leggings also ok).  Set up instruments and report to EAST practice field with instrument and music.

5:15 PM – Jr. High/Middle School band guest musicians join DGN Band on field.  Section warm-up activities.

5:30 – 5:50 PM – Rehearsal of “Animal” on field with guest musicians.

5:50 – 6:10 PM – Final Half-Time & Pre-Game Rehearsal

6:15 – 6:30 PM – Change into full uniform.

6:30 PM – Report to Field House for Uniform Inspection, Spirit Session, etc.

6:50 PM – Drum Line moves to Underground Track

7:05 PM (approx.) – Drum Line & Guard bring team to field.

7:10 PM (approx.) – DGN Band Parade of Track

7:20 PM (approx.) – DGN Band line up for Pre-Game

7:25 PM (approx.) – Pre Game

7:30 PM (approx.) – Kick Off / Play & Cheer in Stands. 1st and 2nd Qtr. Small group visits to Jr. High / Middle School students in end zone.

8:15 PM (approx.) – Half Time Performance / Drum Line plays for Student Section following Half Time

8:40 PM (approx.) – Second Half / Play & Cheer in Stands.

9:30 PM (approx.) – Post Game Performance of Schools Songs / Alma Mater. Parade to Field House.

9:45 PM (approx.) – Sing Alma Mater / Dismissal

2014-15 Band Officers

Congratulations to the following students who were elected as Band Officers for the 2014-15 academic year. 

President: Belle Banke
Vice President: Anthony McMahon
Concert Band Class Representatives: Audrey McDaniel & Marz Tingzon
Symphonic Band Class Representatives: Becky Donnelly & Jeremy Pike
Wind Ensemble Class Representatives: Adam Mills & Hannah Thompson

Band Staff positions will be announced early next week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trojan Band Featured Nationally on CBS

Congratulations to the students of the Trojan Marching Band for their excellent work this morning as a part of the CBS-2 Morning Show.
What was seen on TV was only a small portion of the great work that took place on the field.  CBS was thrilled with your music and the decorum you demonstrated. They were amazed at how quickly and cohesively our band responded to last-second requests to form the CBS logo on field.  Vince Gerasole, the field reporter, was effusive in his praise of every aspect of your interactions with the network this morning. 
An unexpected honor today was the fact that CBS producers in New York, following the Twitter feed of CBS-2 Chicago, decided to tap into Chicago's feed, and broadcast our "CBS Eye" logo nationally.  We've been receiving congratulations messages from people all over the United States today. 

Congratulations, again, to all of our students and Band families on a job well done. We all have great reason to feel proud of our DGN and District 99 community today!









Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apollo Duo

Students in all three band classes were treated today to a fabulous performance by the Apollo Duo. The ensemble is in the midst of a 5-week tour through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Get Involved! Band Officers + Band Staff + Drum Majors = Band Board

Student leadership is a very important part of our success as a band organization, and our current system is the result of a process that has evolved over many years.

There are three different groups of students that will make up the “Band Board.” They are 1) the Drum Majors, 2) the Band Staff, and 3) the Band Officers. Each of the groups are explained below.

The Band Board will meet once each month with the directors (typically at 9:30 AM on a “Late Start Day) and will be asked for input on a variety of issues relating to the band activities of North High School. The Band Board is also in charge of planning the Band Awards Banquet at the end of the school year, as well as preparing “Tour Books.”

•             Band Officers: Band officers will be elected Wednesday, September 17. Offices include: President, Vice-President, and three Class Representatives from each concert band class. If you are interested in running for a Band Officer position, please indicate so by visiting the website listed below, and filling out the online interest survey. You must complete the survey by Sunday, September 14, 2014.

•             Band Staff: Band Staff positions include Music Librarians (one or two for each band class), two Equipment Managers, two Publicity Chairs, and two Historians. Students interested in any of the above positions should visit the website listed below, and fill out the online interest survey. You must complete the survey by Sunday, September 14, 2014.

•             Drum Majors: Are selected through an audition process each Spring. The are the conduit to the Band Board from the Marching Band Leadership Team.

Want to get involved?  You should!  It’s easy to sign up … but you need to take 3-minutes to complete this survey, no later than this coming Sunday, September 14.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Video Footage of Band Day at the University of Illinois

Congratulations once again to the members of the Trojan Marching Band on an outstanding performance this past weekend!