Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trojan Marching Band Performs at Walt Disney World! #WeAreDGN #99Learns

Congratulations to the members of the DGN Trojan Marching Band on a successful tour to Orlando, Florida where students performed in the Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Parade of Bands, as well as a featured parade performance at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Congratulations to DGN Band Students Performing at the ILMEA District 1 Festival! #99Learns #WeAreDGN

Congratulations to the eleven DGN Band students that were part of a wonderful day of music making today at Elmhurst College as part of the ILMEA District 1 Band, Choir and Orchestra Festival. Stay tuned to our DGN Fine Arts Blog for more pictures of all of the ensembles, but for now, enjoy some "action shots" of our students hard at work making some incredible music during rehearsals:

In the ILMEA District 1 Band:

Eirene Kowal, Percussion

 Brian Perillo and Jennifer Casey, Euphonium

 Caleb Schmurr, Trombone

 Ryan Knezevich, Trombone

Daniel Brethauer, Bass Trombone

Chloe Mason, Oboe  

In the ILMEA District 1 Orchestra:

Zach McCoy, Percussion 

Miles Teague and David Atwater, French Horn 

Maria D'Ambrose, Oboe

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Giving Tree Band Totals 2016 #WeAreDGN #99Learns

Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS to the members of the DGN Bands who averaged $8 donations per student and raised $1,618.60 in three days to support needy children this holiday season. (Symphonic Band, $395.08; Concert Band, $450.75; Wind Ensemble, $772.77).  Wind Ensemble students had the highest giving average at $11.71 per student.  

We extend our deepest appreciation to all the band students who contributed, and extend our thanks to the members of our Band Board that will do the shopping for and wrapping of gifts this coming weekend.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Giving Tree Update - Day 2

The DGN Wind Ensemble has jumped into 1st Place after the second day of giving.  We won't tell you by how much ... or which band is in second place.  But we will tell you that every band class improved their giving percentage today and that it's still "anyone's ballgame."  

In total we have raised $766 for our adopted children so far, which is half what we raised last year. So we are hopeful that our most generous giving is still yet to surface!

With very genuine thanks to everyone who has already given as much as they are able to donate, we pose this question to those who have not yet made a donation (or who might be able to give again): is there anything you can do without this week - or some small sacrifice you could make - that would allow you to make a donation on Tuesday? 

Thanks to all our students for your consideration of those in need!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Giving Tree Update - Day 1 - Concert Band Leads!

Congratulations to the DGN Concert Band for being in 1st Place after the first day of giving.  The Concert Band currently has an average giving rate of $1.92 per student in the class.  (We hope to reach an average level of $6-$8 per student to be able and appropriately support our 15 adopted children.)  

Who's in 2nd place?  We'll keep you guessing until Monday ...

Thanks to all our students for your consideration of those in need.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Fall Band Concert 2

Congratulations to the DGN Jazz Lab Band, Jazz Ensemble and Symphonic Band on their great performances tonight at the Fall Band Concert!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Giving Tree Starts Friday!

For the 21st consecutive year, the DGN Bands will work to support the “Giving Tree” initiative coordinated by the DGN Direct Action Club.  DGN annually supports 150 children and 25 senior citizens from the Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) in Carol Stream.  It is the mission of HSP “to alleviate the pain and suffering that poverty brings to needy seniors and children”.  Based on a screening process, HSP selects families for the Giving Tree from DuPage County and Kane County.

Based on our previous fundraising efforts, the DGN Band has adopted 15 children to support in 2016

We will pass an envelope in all band classes on Friday of this week, and Monday/Tuesday of next week.  Students will be invited (but not required) to make donations each of these three days.  This could be left-over lunch money, or a more substantial/purposeful donation.  The only thing we ask (for the sake of efficiently counting and managing the donations after each class period) is that students refrain from donating coins).  If your family would like to make a donation to this cause, via personal check, please make the check payable to “DGN Bands” and we will route the money through an account on campus prior to purchasing the holiday gifts for these fifteen children. 

For fun, and to promote a friendly competition between band classes, we will track donations each day, and announce the average level of giving, per student, in each class.  The band class that has the highest average level of giving at the end of the three days will “win” a pizza party lunch, sponsored by Mr. Miller and myself. 

We look forward to supporting the positive work of the HSP, and encourage your Band student to give, as he/she is able.

With appreciation,

Brayer Teague

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Fall Band Concert 1

Congratulations to the Herrick Band, DGN Concert Band, and DGN Wind Ensemble on a terrific Fall Concert!

A special shout-out to Mr. Jon Ball, and all of the guest trombonists who assisted in honoring Mr. Ball's teaching career in Downers Grove, for the performance of "Seventy Six Trombones."