Saturday, April 25, 2015

Color Guard Audition Video & Count Sheet

DGN Color Guard 2015-16 audition video and count sheet may be found here.

DGN Band Congratulates Steve Peterson and Beth Peterson

The DGN Bands congratulate Dr. Stephen Peterson, and Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, on their recent appointments to the School of Music Faculty at the University of Illinois.  Having recently worked in clinics with both professors at Ithaca College, we are thrilled they will now be in our own "back yard."  Welcome home to Illinois!





Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015-16 Drum Line Reminder / Part Assignments

The May 2 rehearsal for the DGN Drum Line has been moved up by one hour, and will now be held from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

Part assignments for the 2015-16 DGN Drum Line may be found here.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015-16 DGN Trojan Marching Band Leadership Team Announced

Many thanks are extended to each and every student who expressed interest and auditioned to serve as Section Captains and Drum Majors of the Trojan Marching Band.  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the band, and all of the effort students dedicated to the audition process!

Appointing a group of leaders for an organization that is already filled with - literally - dozens upon dozens of exceptional students who lead all over our campus - is a challenging endeavor.  Each student who auditioned this year brought their own unique set of leadership skills to the table, and the competition was strong.  Students who were not appointed this year, and who will be with us in 2016 (and beyond) are encouraged to audition again next year.

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Trojan Marching Band Student Leadership Team, and thank you for your dedication to the DGN Bands!

Click here, for the roster.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jazz Ensemble and Student Council Join Forces to Provide "Sharing Is Caring" Dinner / Concert

Congratulations to the musicians of the DGN Jazz Lab Band, DGN Percussion Ensemble, and DGN Jazz Ensemble, for their terrific performances in the 2015 Sharing is Caring Concert.  

A special shout-out is extended to senior Evan Culligan for his solo this evening, and to guest artist - piano great - Mr. Frank Caruso.  

The Fine Arts Department thanks the DGN Student Council for partnering with us this evening to bring music to many special guests who joined the Student Council for dinner prior to the concert.  Well done Trojans; you were POSITIVELY NORTH tonight!























Monday, April 13, 2015

"Sharing Is Caring" Jazz Concert - Tuesday, April 14th @ 7 PM

Don't miss the 2015 "Sharing Is Caring" Jazz Concert Tuesday night, featuring the DGN Jazz Lab Band, DGN Jazz Ensemble, and DGN Percussion Ensemble.  Senior Soloist Evan Culligan will be featured on Tenor Saxophone, and jazz piano great Frank Caruso will cap-off his two-day residency at North High as a guest soloist with both jazz bands.

The concert, which begins at 7 PM in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium, is free and open to the public.  Out of town family and friends may view the concert on The Cube here:



DGN Welcomes Frank Caruso

The North High Fine Arts Department welcomed jazz pianist Frank Caruso to campus today as a part of a two-day residency with the DGN Bands.  

Mr. Caruso, who teaches at Elmhurst College in addition to his professional performances in the Chicago region, presented workshops about jazz theory to members of the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Concert Band today.  In addition, Mr. Caruso worked with students in the Jazz Lab Band and Jazz Ensemble in preparation for the 2015 "Sharing Is Caring" Jazz Concert to be held tomorrow evening, April 14th.  

Mr. Caruso returns to campus tomorrow to continue his residency, and work with students in small group lessons throughout the day.







Winter Guard Championships / Season Celebration Tonight!

The DGN Winter Guard participated in the regional Championships held in La Porte, IN over the opening weekend of Spring Break.  The team's performance was one of their best of the entire season, placing 9th.

Congratulations to senior Madison Ukrin for receiving the Larry Bakko Memorial Scholarship, and to senior Robin Younker for receiving the Dot Dahnke Scholarship.  With over 50 teams attending the Championships, it is significant that two of the scholarships (out of four total) went to students in the DGN Winter Guard.  

The Winter Guard will perform this evening, at 7:30 PM in the DGN Field House, for family and friends who would like to see the routine one final time.  Come on out and support the hard work of the 2014-15 Winter Guard, and congratulate them on a terrific season!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Until we meet again ... auf Wiedersehen!

Today, we said good-bye to our friends from Beitigheim-Bissingen, Germany.  Listening to conversations and observing the departure process, we overheard many comments that summed up this experience elegantly, among them:

  • "They came as exchange students, they leave as family members."
  • "This is always the saddest and happiest day of the exchange.  I'm sad people are leaving, but I'm happy that this exchange provides these opportunities."
  • "I couldn't believe the tears given the short duration of the stay."
  • "You are so lucky you get to see these people again.  We may never see our student again."
  • "I watched my two German students during the concert more than I did my own children."
  • "I didn't know that a single week could change my life in this way."

The essence of this ongoing musical and cultural exchange is the deep and personal transformation that occurs for each student from the inside to the outside.  When a community opens hearts and homes to a group of students, lives are changed.  When we realize that people from the other side of the globe are more similar to us than they are different from us, the world becomes a smaller place.  When you add to this exchange the notion that it is based on music, the depth of the experience for all participants is enhanced even more.

The District 99 Music Faculty sends our most sincere thanks to all of our Host Families for opening your homes, and your hearts.  You were all incredibly gracious, and you each made a strong impact and positive imprint on the lives of the students and staff that visited from Germany.

We are all sad that our new friends have departed, but, our lives are enriched by knowing them personally and through the sharing of music together.

Until we meet again ... auf Wiedersehen!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Erica Neidlinger - German Band @germanmusicx

Dr. Erica Neidlinger of the DePaul University School of Music was on campus today to work with our guests from Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.

Don't miss the German Band in concert this Thursday, 7 PM, at North High in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Two DGN Band Alumni To Perform National Anthem at Tonight's NCAA March Madness Final

Two DGN Band Alumni - Tommy Donnelly (Class of 2014) and Brett Latman (Class of 2013) will be a part of a large Trumpet Choir that will perform the National Anthem at tonight's NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship game.

Donnelly, a Mechanical Engineering major at Purdue University, and Latman, a Music Education major at Indiana University, are both involved in their respective college marching bands.  They will join trumpet players from several Indiana schools - as well as the United States Army Herald Trumpet Ensemble - to perform the Star Spangled Banner.

The performance of the National Anthem will be heard by approximately 70,000 spectators at Lucas Oil Stadium, and millions more world wide during the television broadcast.

Tune in to CBS-TV tonight to hear the National Anthem.  Tip-off is 8:18 CST.  The Anthem will be performed shortly before.

Congratulations Tommy and Brett!