Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Special Note for 2010-2011 Wind Ensemble members

Wind Ensemble students have been sent an important email to their District 99 email address.  All Wind Ensemble members are asked to check their school account for this notice.

Please help spread the word via texts, Facebook, and real-life personal interaction!

Band camp is just around the corner... be ready for it!

Greetings to our 2010-2011 Trojan Marching Band.  We hope you have been enjoying a great, fun-filled, and restful summer.  In an effort to get you excited about coming back to school and the upcoming season, we have added quite a lot of materials to the North High Bands organization site on Blackboard.

All audio files, drill video, sheet music, drill sheets and more are available for our 2010 Halftime show - The Hero's Journey.  While you will get printed copies of these materials during camp, you can get a jump start by downloading and printing the materials you need to start practicing now! (Don't worry about printing drill charts... just watch the cool video!)

Returning members - all you have to do is log in to Blackboard and visit the North High Bands organization site.  All the materials you need are in the Documents section or the AV Room section.  Newcomers - you have access to this as well.  Follow this link to get in to Blackboard.

Your login name is:

Your first initial (of your formal name... whatever they have on file at school)
The first three letters of your last name
The day of the month you were born in (two digits)
The last two digits of your student ID number (which you should have received from North by now!)

So, if I was still a student, my login would be:
wmil0995 (because officially I'm William Miller, born on June 9, and my ID was 601395)

Your password is:
Your six digit ID number

Then navigate to the North High Bands organization link and you'll be all set.  If you have questions or can't log in, email me for some help!

bmiller at-sign csd99 dot org

We're looking forward to seeing our Leadership Team starting on the 9th, Percussionists starting on the 12th, Color Guard starting on the 13th, Wind Player Newcomers starting on the 16th, and Wind Player Formers on the 17th!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

District 99 Marching Band - DG July 4th Parade

Congratulations to the members of the North & South High Marching Bands for their collaboration in the 2010 Downers Grove July 4th Parade. Members of the Trojan Marching Band and the Marching Mustangs joined forces to present a unified and musically exciting performance, despite temperatures that climbed into the 90s. Thank you to all of the students who performed, and to the parent volunteers who helped keep us hydrated!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 4th Parade Prep

Members of the DGN and DGS bands joined forces Wednesday night in preparation for a D99 Marching Band performance in the annual Downers Grove Independence Day Parade. 170 band students plan to represent District 99 at the parade this weekend.

Come cheer on the D99 band students this Sunday, July 4th, as the parade processes on Main St. from the Tivoli Theatre to North High School.