Wednesday, May 03, 2017

DGN Drum Line 2017-18

The following preliminary instrument assignments have been made for the 2017-18 DGN Drum Line. All placements are contingent upon appropriate continued progress as demonstrated by students during upcoming rehearsals.

Ben Heppner
Nate Tenorio
Ellie Banke
Austin Moca
Bilal Kurshid
Lucy Neverly
Vince Aksamit
Eli Pfotenour

Emily Bollinger
Kyle Pearson
Harry Stagaman
Justin Koblich
Luke Rohde

#1 Matthew Lupescu
#2 Georgia Kowal
#3 Brian Fosket
#4 Michelle Cotten
#5 Caleb Mackenzie

Jalyn McHale
Lizzy Ferrigan
Will Riemer
Quinn Mackenzie
Emmett Flannery
Liam Kearney
Quinn Hanley

Gabby Devitt