Friday, August 11, 2017

Marching Band Uniform Distribution is Tomorrow! (Saturday, August 12)


This is a reminder that we will do our Marching Band Uniform Distribution on Saturday, August 12th.

Schedule for distribution:
8 AM - Parent volunteers report for final set up and orientation
8:30 AM - Seniors A-J
9:15 AM - Seniors K-Z
10:00 AM - Juniors A-K
10:45 AM - Juniors L-Z
11:30 AM - Sophomores A-H
12:15 AM - Sophomores I-Z
1:00 PM - Lunch Break for Volunteers
1:45 – 2:45 PM - Freshman A-J
2:45 – 4:00 PM - Freshman K-Z

Note: Color Guard members may report at any time during the scheduled distribution to pay their fees and collect their t-shirt and ball cap.

**Students have been assigned to the time frames above to evenly distribute students throughout the day. Families are asked to adhere to this schedule unless there is an absolutely immovable schedule conflict. In those cases, if it is helpful to come to a different time frame, students may do so. We respectfully ask that families do not change their scheduled time simply for family convenience. Doing so would potentially run the risk of creating long, unnecessary wait times during certain parts of the day. Thank you in advance for adhering to the given schedule when at all possible.**

If for some chance we being to run significantly ahead or behind schedule, we will send out updates via our text messaging system outline in the Band Handbook.

What To Know About Arriving at Uniform Distribution
Students should wear lightweight gym-shorts and a t-shirt when they arrive for distribution.  Returning students who have marching band shoes that fit them should wear or bring those shoes so they can wear them during fitting. New students to the band will not have their shoes yet, and should wear athletic shoes for the fitting process.

At a minimum, students need to know and be able to share their height and weight. It would be even more helpful if they new their waist, inseam and chest sizes. This will greatly increase our ability to accurately fit students for uniforms.

If I need Marching Band Shoes When Do I Order Them?
Shoe orders will take place in the Band room on Tuesday, August 15, from 5:30 - 6:00 PM. No money is exchanged at that time. We simply size the student and place the order. 

When Do We Pay Our Marching Band Fees?
Fees should be paid on August 12 during Uniform Distribution in cash or, preferably, a check made payable to “DGN — BANDS.”

New members to the band will need to pay $75.00 ($25 for Color Guard), which will include the uniform shoes, the uniform T-shirt, hat, and the uniform usage fee.

Formers (who do not need new shoes) will need to pay $40.00 ($25 for Color Guard).