Monday, March 02, 2020

Historic Performance for DGN Winter Guard - WGI Regional

For the first time in the team's history, the DGN Winter Guard competed in a Winter Guard International (WGI) regional on Saturday, February 29.  With judges flying in from as far as The Netherlands and competing against teams from around the country, taking the floor at this contest was a large step for the team in and of itself.  

The team performed their prelims run on Saturday and walked away feeling very happy with their performance.  Their hard work paid off as the team then advanced into the finals competition the following day. Despite a 5:15am call time on Sunday, the team pushed through and exhibited tremendous energy and confidence in their finals run on Sunday, March 1.  

The team's final round score of 75.22 gave DGN a 2nd place finish, in their class, at their very first WGI competition. Their score was an impressive 14 point gain over their competition the previous weekend and was just a half-point shy of a first place ranking.  

Congratulations to our DGN Winter Guard!